If you're like the majority of people, you keep track of time with your mobile phone and might not wear a watch. In fact, some would say that wristwatches are obsolete and no longer necessary. But that's not true, for many reasons.

At one point in history, a watch was not considered a masculine accessory but was instead something women wore. Men mostly wore pocket watches until the First World War. Soldiers discovered in battle that they needed a quick way to see the time and the wristwatch provided the answer and also evolved into something that most people wore in their everyday lives.

As well as mechanical watches becoming an everyday accessory, the availability of specialized watches that are complex pieces that do more than measure time hugely increased as well as luxury, high-quality watches becoming a coveted item.

Fast forward to the time of cell phones, and you've perhaps seen the popularity of formal watches going by the wayside. After all, it's just as easy to glance at your smart phone to see the time as it is to glance at your watch. But, not so fast. There are still loads of reasons why wearing a watch is still relevant today. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. They are Convenient

Think about the difference between looking at your watch and digging around in your bag or pocket to pull out your phone. Which is easier and more convenient? Sure, your cell phone tells you the time accurately, but many would say it's classier and less obvious to take a peek at your wrist to see the time. Whether you prefer basic watches to advanced watches, it's convenient to have a wrist watch right there anytime you need it. 

Your watch is much easier to look at when you're driving and is safer than trying to locate your cell phone on the road. If you work in a job that restricts cell phone usage or you're a student that can't pull your phone out in class, a watch is an obvious solution. You'll be able to maintain a connection to time that is accurate without the risk that goes with being on your phone when you shouldn't be. 

Other times when it's better to have a watch include formal society functions, like a wedding or funeral. You probably don't want to pull your phone out during a church service or your kid's school performance. A watch is also a great alternative when you're somewhere your phone could be damaged, such as the beach, the amusement park or while playing sports. 

On the practical side, you don't have to worry about your watch losing charge in the way a phone battery does. 

2. They are Stylish

Whatever your personal style, there are amazing wrist watches that will showcase your look and that you can pair with your clothing choices. There's a multitude of stylish watches that you can wear as part of a casual look, as well as dress watches that you can wear to the office or to classy events.

Watches are a piece of jewelry equally attractive to and for both men and women and there are a wide range of options to suit any style. That makes it fun to seek out the watch that best suits your personal style. You can even enjoy a collection of beautiful timepieces for different looks or different occasions.

Depending on the style of the watch you choose, you are able to tell the world about your interests and emotions, using an essential accessory that says a lot about your personality. There are watches for all fashions, whether you need something for modern life, likean Apple watch or you want something simple with just the basic function of telling time. You can wear a watch that is a symbol of tradition or one that makes a bold fashion statement.

One of the best things that wearing a watch tells others is that you value punctuality and are reliable and can be counted on as an organized person. This is great when you're invited to a board meeting, but is also valuable for job interviews, business meetings and other events when being on time is vital. 

3. They Make Fantastic Conversation Starters

There are many types of watches, which makes them something to start a conversation with. If you find other people with a similar attitude towards time, you can converse about that, as well as find other common ground with people around you. There's lots to say about a watch, especially if you prefer luxury brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe and you can use that as an ice breaker or to form a positive relationship with someone new in your life, such as a co-worker or romantic interest.

Topics you might bring up about someone's watch (or your own) might be mechanical movement, automatic movements of the watch, the technological advancement of watches and the mechanical intricacies that the timepiece contains. You might learn something new, but could also share interesting facts with others about telling time that they may not have already known. Even smart watches which are generally a generic and non-inspiring watch style can spark a conversation because of what it does, not how it looks. 

Watches also present the ideal opportunity to start a conversation with a compliment. If you like the look of someone's timepiece, tell them why you love it. Whether it's the extreme craftsmanship or simply that it's a beautiful piece, watch wearers have a sort of community and appreciation factor for each other's choices, which is a nice way to engage fellow watch lovers in a positive way. 

4. They are Meaningful Heirlooms

If you're trying to think of an amazing heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation, a watch is a mini treasure that will withstand the march of time. A well-made watch can go from your wrist to the wrist of the next of kin, creating a tradition that is easily carried on. 

When someone in your life passes on, it's nice to have something to remember them by and a watch is truly a timeless way to do so. Not only can Generation Y wear the watch, but it can be passed on throughout the 21st century and beyond. Each time a new person takes ownership of the watch it takes on new significance and presents the chance to tell family stories that are priceless to those who belong and get to share them. 

A watch is considered by some in the community as a long-lasting accessory for centuries. That gives you the chance to put a lot of care and thought into the collection of watches you curate now so that they can be passed to the future generation with confidence and enjoyment. Whether it's an advanced timepiece that showcases your appreciation of technology or something intricate that showcases your appreciation of craftsmanship, the right watch is the quintessential heirloom for your family. 

In the same vein, you can start a tradition and a watch is a quintessential gift to do it with. Watches make great gifts for regular birthdays and holidays but also to mark milestones or special occasions. The meaningful message behind its first presentation is remembered as the watch gets passed through the family. 

5. They are an Investment

Many kinds of watches increase in value over time, making them a potentially valuable investment piece. The luxury watch market is very vibrant and because they are high-quality watches, there is also demand for secondhand and preowned watches.

Watch collectors are a passionate community and the trade in antique and vintage watches is brisk. there is particular interest in rare and special editions, those owned by notable characters or those that have special markings or mechanical movements that make them different from other watches. 

Investing in a quality timepiece doesn't require as much capital as other such endeavors and you also have something tangible to show for your financial investment. Other than having certain watches serviced on a regular basis, a watch is usually a one-time cost whose value can grow considerably as time goes by. 

Active watch wearers can look for certain features when shopping for investment watches. Attention to detail is one of the most important. In general, the more special a watch is, the more it will be worth. That means a watch that has premium craftsmanship and unique features that the average watch does not have. In many cases, vintage watches carry a lot of value compared to newer models. 

The Takeaway

From atomic watches to analog watches to automatic watches and beyond, there's a timepiece out there to suit anyone's style and needs. Cell phones can be an attention drain and wearing a watch instead can save you from distraction without losing track of the time. Beyond their functionality, a watch tells others who you are and what you hold valuable. So, even with a cell phone in your pocket, you can't go wrong by also strapping a watch onto your wrist. 

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