They say a man’s watch speaks volumes about the kind of man he is. There are many different factors when it comes to evaluating the style and personality of a watch, and of course the wearer, including everything from case design to movement specifications. Wondering what your watch says about you? Read our categories below and decide where you fit. 

The Refined Man 

The refined man wears a watch that is incredibly high quality but never flashy. He choses a watch that is tasteful and finely crafted. 

The featured Girard-Perregaux above is the perfect example of a refined man’s watch. Girard-Perregaux is a brand that is little known by casual watch wearers but is highly celebrated by aficionados. Their movement expertise and design innovation, along with their more than 200 year legacy as a leader in Swiss watches, has made them a top choice among those passionate about horology. The watch featured here combines Girard-Perregaux’s incredible craftsmanship with a sophisticated, classic, and refined design. 

The Explorer 

The explorer requires a watch that can keep up with his adventurous lifestyle. He needs a watch that can go anywhere, from the highest peaks to the depths of the sea. 

Omega watches are one of the top choices among explorer men, thanks to their incredibly durable build. In addition to being rugged, Omega watches are attractively designed and are as suitable at a black tie event as they are when exploring the world. Omega watches are also associated with many of the world’s best pilots and, of course, Omega is the watch currently worn by James Bond. 

The featured Omega Seamaster “James Bond” watch above is a classic example of the kind of practical yet dignified watch you’d find the explorer wearing. 

The Established Man

The established man says, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” He chooses a watch that lets helps him shine and show off his wealth, without ever being tacky or garish. 

The Audemars Piguet watch featured above is the perfect choice for the established man. The design of the legendary Royal Oak is bold and eye catching. This watch has an air of class and strength that lets it grab attention in all the best ways. 

The Well-Dressed Man

The well-dressed man puts style first. He is always perfectly attired for every occasion and chooses watches that reflect his sophisticated sense of style. 

The two-tone Cartier watch featured here is elegant and distinctive in appearance, just like the well-dressed man. Cartier is known as one of the most classic of all watch brands, and this featured watch is a perfect example of why. While this watch is incredibly classic, it also has unique details, like its two-tone elements and uniquely designed dial, that give it a stylish edge. 

The Man Who Does It All 

The man who does it all leads a balanced life. He’s as at home at in the boardroom as he is exploring the world or attending a black tie event. 

The man who does it all needs a watch that works for his well-balanced lifestyle. The Rolex featured here is a perfect example of a watch that does it all. This watch is elegant enough for night wear, bold enough for work wear, and strong enough to take on any challenge, just like the man who does it all.