The enduring style of Rolex has made the company one of the biggest names in luxury. The very name conjures up images of class and style. But this incredible reputation has some drawbacks: namely, that there are many imitators. When you’re buying a high-end luxury watch like a Rolex, you have to take care to make sure you’re not buying a fake. But how do you know if you’re purchasing an authentic Rolex? Here’s what to look out for.

Watch Out For Deals That Are Too Good To Be True

One of the most glaring hallmarks of a counterfeit Rolex is a super low, too-good-to-be-true price. Even if you’re buying a used watch, it’s important to remember that a Rolex watch holds its value better than almost any other luxury good. This is because not only is an incredibly high-quality item, it’s also enduringly desired by the market. So, if you see a Rolex for sale for a very low price, it’s almost guaranteed to be a fake.

Check The Details

Rolexes are incredibly intricate, carefully made timepieces. So, when a cheaper fake is made, the makers of the counterfeit item usually skip some of the finer details of the design, since these make the watch more expensive to produce. Some commonly seen features of fakes are a stuttering second hand (the movement should be smooth), simple winders (Rolex winders have intricate engravings and grooves), and a lightweight (a Rolex is hefty due to its high-quality metals). There are many details that can be “off” about a Rolex if it’s a counterfeit. It’s important to do some research on the specific watch you want to purchase, especially if you’re buying a used Rolex.

Buy From A Reputable Dealer

If you’re buying a new Rolex, it’s common sense to know that you should always make sure you’re buying from an authorized dealer. But if you’re buying used, things can be more confusing. There are many people looking to sell authentic used Rolexes, online and in brick and mortar stores, but how can you know if what they are selling is real?

You should always do your homework about a seller, and make sure that they offer authenticity guarantees before buying. Extras like original boxes and warranties help ensure that you are getting the real thing when you buy a used watch.

All of Watches and Watches timepieces come with their original boxes and a full in-house warranty so you feel secure knowing that you are getting an authentic, as well as fully restored Rolex. Here are a couple of examples of authentic Rolex watches we currently have in stock.

Mens Two-Tone Datejust

This Two-Tone Datejust Rolex is the definition of a classic watch. This combination of strong stainless steel, rich 18K Gold, and a bold black dial creates a powerful and timeless style.


29MM Rolex 18K Yellow Gold Pearl Master Datejust Mop Diamond Dial



The incredibly elegant and charming Pearl Master is one of Rolex’s most fashion-forward watches. Featuring gem settings and gold made in Rolex’s foundry, this watch is as high quality as it is beautiful.

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