The Super Bowl is the year’s biggest day for football— and it has also, historically, always been a great day for watch spotting. While many people felt that Super Bowl LIII was one of the least exciting games in recent years (the game’s final score was 13-3, the lowest score in Super Bowl history), the watches we spotted were memorable. From the watches we saw during post game celebrations to Adam Levine’s incredible halftime show watch, there was plenty for horology enthusiasts to celebrate at the Super Bowl LIII.

Robert Kraft’s Vintage Hublot

Image Courtesy of WBZ NewsRadio 1030

After the Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl, the team’s owner Robert Kraft rushed the field to celebrate with his team. And on his wrist we spotted a very interesting watch: a vintage Hublot MDM.

The Hublot MDM is a Hublot classic. The MDM is the first watch to ever pair a precious metal case with a rubber strap. Kraft’s model features an 18k yellow gold case, a blue dial, and a classic black rubber strap. This vintage model has a sophisticated yet sporty style, making it a perfect choice for business man and sports lover Kraft.

Adam Levine’s Rolex Rainbow Daytona

Image Courtesy of Santa Ynez Valley News

The Maroon 5 halftime performance at the Super Bowl LIII had many people talking. While most people were talking about the performance itself, we were more interested in frontman Adam Levine’s incredibly unique watch choice.

During the halftime show, Levine wore the highly celebrated Rolex Rainbow Daytona, which debuted in 2018. This model features a spectacular case set with baguette sapphires in a rainbow of colors. While the Rainbow Daytona is available in yellow gold and white gold, Levine wore the Everose model, which is the only Rainbow Daytona to also come with rainbow sapphire hour markings on its dial.

Levine is known to be a big fan of Rolex. He’s been spotted wearing a number of vintage Paul Newman Rolex Daytonas over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen him wear a Rainbow Daytona.

Tom Brady’s IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Spitfire Edition The Longest Flight

Image Courtesy of Blogmickey

While we don’t get to see players wear watches on the field, we often get a chance to see their watches during their post-game celebrations. Shortly after his sixth Super Bowl win, Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady celebrated during a victory parade at Disneyland, where he wore an exciting new release.

At Disneyland, Brady wore a watch that had debuted mere weeks earlier at the 2019 SIHH: the brand new IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Spitfire Edition The Longest Flight. This new edition of the Timezoner showcases a much sleeker dial, which many consider a major improvement on its design. Brady wore the new Timezoner Spitfire model with the army green strap that comes standard with the watch.

Brady’s choice to wear an IWC model had people buzzing, since he has had a years long partnership as an ambassador for TAG Heuer. His choice of an IWC watch over a TAG Heuer has created speculation that his partnership with TAG Heuer may have ended.

Julian Edelman’s Rolex Milgauss GV

Image Courtesy of Disney Parks

The Patriot’s wide receiver Julian Edelman, who was the MVP of Super Bowl LIII, was also spotted wearing a watch at the Patriot’s post-win Disneyland celebration. Edelman wore a watch he’s been known to wear often: a Rolex Milgauss GV.

The Rolex Milgauss GV, known for its impressive magnetic resistance and unique coloring, has had a lot of time in the spotlight lately. Rolex seems to be doing far more promotion for the Milgauss GV than usual, leading many people to speculate that they may come out with an updated version of the watch sometime this year.