Recognized globally for their remarkable craftsmanship and iconic designs, French-designer Cartier has a reputation and prestige that is second to none in the luxury goods world. This is especially true in the women’s watch industry, where Cartier has dominated the market for decades, insofar as adorning the wrists of First Ladies including Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama. The unique rectangular case, trademark Roman numeral hour markers, and signature Cartier emblem across the dial make the classic design of every Cartier instantly recognizable. In addition to breathtaking designs and pinpoint precision, it’s the brand’s aura that makes it so special and highly sought-after. Throughout the world, a Cartier is the ultimate symbol of class, power, and success.

With all of that said, if you’re considering purchasing a Cartier watch, it’s very easy to understand why. In recent years, the demand for Cartier watches has skyrocketed, creating a huge demand in the preowned market and making them a very wise investment. At, we specialize in selling rare pre-owned watches that are in pristine condition at the best prices on the market. Here, our experts at give you an inside look their top 5 favorite Cartier watches for women, helping you with the difficult task of narrowing down the options and choosing the right one for you.


Cartier Tank Francaise

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