Rolex Submariner Watches

Often referred to as the company’s staple watch, the Rolex Submariner embodies everything Rolex incorporates into their watches—craftsmanship, resilience, functionality, and elegance.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Watches

Since it’s debut in 1953, Rolex’s Submariner has become the greatest success of the world famous watch company yet. Rolex designed the Submariner as part of its collection of sports watches; this one was particularly designed for the diving community. This watch is extremely resilient, especially to water and does not corrode. When the original models launched at the Basel Swiss Watch Fair, the purpose of the Submariner has been meant for deep-sea exploration, as its name suggests. Today, it is common to see Rolex’s Submariner on the wrists of business moguls, on Broadway, or a golfing range.

  • Rolex Submariner Reference 114060
  • Rolex Submariner Reference 116610LN
  • Rolex Submariner Reference 116610LV
  • Rolex Submariner Reference 116613
  • Rolex Submariner Reference 116618
  • Rolex Submariner Reference 116619