In the watch world, 2018 is the year of vintage luxury watches. Vintage pieces from some of the world’s premier watch companies including Rolex, Cartier, and Omega, just to name a few, have never been more popular and in demand. Whether it’s the time-tested design or perhaps the retro aura, collectors old and new have created a new buzz around vintage luxury watches that is truly remarkable. While a vintage luxury watch is certainly a special piece to own, it’s important to have some knowledge about the different watches and companies before making a purchase. In this article, our luxury watch experts at give you a breakdown of our five top picks for vintage luxury watches, filling you in on all of the details you need to know.

Rolex Daytona Ref. 115518

Since being introduced in 1963 as a racing watch, the Rolex Daytona has come to be known as one of the most iconic Rolex models of all time. This is in large part due to legendary race car driver and actor Paul Newman, who donned the watch throughout his life. Today, Paul Newman inspired Rolex Daytonas are some of the most sought after watches in the market. This watch is outfitted with the Paul Newman treatment, featuring a stunning black dial with contrasting subdials with the signature red Daytona trademark imprinted on dial. Finished with a 14K yellow gold case and bezel along with a luxurious brown leather strap, this Daytona is undoubtedly one of our favorite vintage luxury watch picks of 2018. 

Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400GV 

Next on our list is this exquisite Rolex Milgauss, a luxury watch with an array of perfect design details that make it a trending vintage in today’s market. For the Milgauss, which was designed with anti-magnetic properties specifically for scientists, Rolex used a unique color combination. A green sapphire glass provides a very light green tint that shines beautifully against the luminescent hour markers that grace the black dial. Perhaps the noteworthy detail is the orange thunderbolt seconds hand, the classic trademark of the Milgauss which is like nothing else you’ll see on a Rolex watch. The subtleties of this watch’s design are what makes it so fabulous and a vintage luxury watch worth owning.

Omega Speedmaster 375.0043

When Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969, he was wearing a Omega Speedmaster on his wrist. That event sent the Speedmaster on a path to becoming a legendary watch, treasured by watch collectors for its historical significance, refined design, and unparalleled performance. This specific Speedmaster is a true classic, with a black dial elegantly paired with a stainless-steel tachymeter bezel and a lavish brown leather strap. A true vintage from the early 90s, this Speedmaster is absolutely pristine and nothing short of everything you can ask for from a vintage luxury watch. 

Cartier Pasha Ref. 32982

We couldn’t possibly go on with this list without including a Cartier watch. The legendary French design powerhouse is the epitome of luxury, with recognition and praise throughout the world. This Cartier Pasha is symbolic of what makes the brand so great, with its sleek design that features Cartier’s signature bold block letters against the elegant white dial and subtle blue accents throughout to provide the perfect finishing touch. The Cartier Pasha is a rare vintage find and a true treasure to own and cherish for a lifetime. 

Rolex Air-King Ref. 5500

We round out our list with this magnificent Rolex Air-King, one of Rolex’s oldest watch models. While the Air-King may not possess the same level of recognition as the Daytona, GMT-Master, or other notable Rolex models, it’s certainly a classic in its own right. The simple, understated design of the Air-King, paired with its functionality and performance make it a vintage Rolex that is a perfect addition to any collection.